Lettre à france(Polnareff) There used to be otters on our Earth.Don't forget that otters were on our Earth.When they are gone from this earthWe realized we lost treasure.and keep thinking about them.They've gone out of our reachand will never come back. ... もっと読む

Hiroshima (Georges Moustaki) A young man visited a otter garden.A child otter was still in the cage.Her hair was dirty and thin.Anger was burning in her eyes.An old man explained young man that she was from the otter cafe,because she wasn't used to huma ... もっと読む

Another Brick In the WallWe are not your comfort toys.We were not born to your pet.No dark abuse to us in the cage.Human leave us and go away. Hey! Human! Leave us alone!All in all it's just another otter in the cage.All in all we are just another otter ... もっと読む