A young man visited a otter garden.
A child otter was still in the cage.
Her hair was dirty and thin.
Anger was burning in her eyes.

An old man explained young man 
that she was from the otter cafe,
because she wasn't used to humans.
She hates humans and bites.

The young man had an male otter.
Old man asked him to take this child 
and let her touch the outside world,
and want her to swim in the river together.

The young man then met her every day.
Always with his otter Oty.
After half a year she finally 
became interested in Oty.

The young man brought her home.
When he opened the cage first time,
she jumped and bite at the man.
But the man didn't give up,
He gradually melted her frozen heart.
And finally she began to forgive humans.
Now she is playing with Oty,
and sleep in the arms of a man.

(This story is based on fact)